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City Foot Clinics' commitment to Sustainable Practice

City Foot Clinic cares about the environment: Whilst "going green" may seem like a short-term trend, ever growing environmental concerns means we all need to play our part in helping the environment.


At City Foot Clinic, we care about our environment and are trying as hard as possible to eliminate all unnecessary/unsustainable items in order to become as environmentally conscious as possible. We believe it to be our duty and responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint as far as possible all whilst without compromising the service and care that you receive from us.

We have therefore implemented the following to aid us in our commitment:

  • All our surgical instruments are reusable. They are decontaminated in accordance with RCoP (Royal College of Podiatry) clinical standards guidelines (Standard 8).
  • We have made the swap from single-use decontamination wipes to individual cotton cloths that are used in conjunction with medical-grade disinfectant to clean the clinical surfaces. These are used once, then laundered at 60oC in line with infection control guidelines before reuse.
  • Our cleaning materials are all refilled from bulk bottles where available.
  • We have embraced the digital age and have moved to electronic patient notes. We email new patients “New Patient Registration Forms” and kindly ask these are completed prior to their appointment, thereby eliminating the need for paper copies to be generated.
  • We have also moved to online consent forms, again, eliminating the need for paper copies.
  • All appointment reminders are sent via email and text message, eliminating the requirement of paper appointment cards.
  • We ensure that all waste generated within the clinic is recycled in the appropriate manner and follow all guidelines as directed from RCoP and Glasgow City Council.